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Fleet Tip GPS fleet dispatch and closest proximity feature can help increase customer satisfaction levels by 33%.

Improve Employee Performance by 50%

with GPS Technology!

Managing a fleet, whether it’s ten vehicles or 100, can be extremely costly…both in time and expenses! Route supervision, payroll administration, customer service and fleet maintenance are all integral to any fleet based business. And like any “well-oiled” machine, each part relies on another for optimum output. For example, knowing where your drivers are at all times is crucial for meeting SLA’s, and being able to accurately track hours and overtime results in decreased expense for you and your customers.

Benefits of Tracking Employee Performance

You can determine how fast your drivers are going, fuel costs, and after hours use of any fleet vehicle. Since they know they are being monitored, your drivers will rethink those personal stops or side jobs. An added bonus? A decrease in fuel and labor costs!

Avoid inflated work or overtime hours with accurate reporting including actual start and stop times. With a GPS fleet tracking system, you can plot all stops for a vehicle to see when it arrived and left a location which indicates the amount of time spent at a particular customer.

Wasted fuel and lost productivity can also be part of any fleet based business! GPS technology includes a geofencing feature that allows you to setup a specific boundary with alerts if the driver exceeds the periphery. And you can define routes in advance to avoid lost drivers and angry customers.

GPS fleet tracking technology also encourages safe driving through tracking of position, speed and heading which can avoid potential lawsuits caused by unsafe driving! And less of a risk on the road means lower insurance premiums.

The advantages of a GPS system far outweigh any disadvantages! For a fleet of only 10 drivers, you can see a $1,200 savings in just salary, overtime and fuel. Imagine the savings for much larger fleets…A fleet of 50 drivers can see a savings of about $6,500 for these same expenses.

You may initially purchase such a system for accountability; however, you will end up with major savings through reporting, timekeeping, and maintenance features. Such technology is designed to keep your fleet on the road and your drivers on track!
UTS is an enterprise solutions based provider of telemetry and real-time GPS fleet tracking systems. UTS provides its customers an unparalleled mapping technology that is considered the best in the industry. It combines several of North Americas premier GPS mapping providers into one application allowing for detailed street level mapping in The United States, Canada and Mexico. Contact us for a FREE quote.

Monthly Subscriptions Now Available

monthly subscriptionsUniversal Tracking Solutions has recently partnered with a variety of full service leasing companies to provide little to no out of pocket money for new customers who want to receive all the benefits that a GPS fleet solution can provide.

This is a big advantage for companies who need to increase productivity, reduce fuel costs and increase customer satisfaction levels, but can’t come up with a large down payment or afford the hardware to get started.  *The Monthly Subscription Plan allows a low money payment with no money required out of pocket from the customer. OAC - Terms and Conditions apply.

Client of the Month

Name of Company: Ryan Mechanical

Time with UTS: 3 Months

# Cars in Fleet: 15

What They Said:
“The process to get started was very easy. UTS has a great support staff that assists in every of facet of the process. We are anxious to begin seeing the results from the UTS product.”  Andrew Walsh

Do You Know?

For a fleet of 25 vehicles, idling time reduced by only 15 minutes per day can result in 562.5 gallons or $1,600 in savings per year. If you reduce idling time by 60 minutes, it would result in a fuel savings of 2,250 gallons at a cost of over $6,000 per year!

Learn more about saving fuel costs.

Web-Based GPS Tip

Increase Customer Satisfaction

happy customersBeing able to provide exact arrival times, avoiding potential downtime through theft recovery and maintenance management, and increasing overall productivity will greatly impact customer satisfaction. Learn more.

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