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truck”We used another GPS company prior to UTS and we were not satisfied. After evaluating other companies, we made the decision to migrate to UTS because they offered the best solution for our needs. We have close to 100 units on our trucks and heavy machinery. We track the vehicles’ speeds, stops and the heavy equipment’s engine hour run-times. We have been able to see a significant difference on how we run our day to day operations. We are now able to tell which piece of equipment ran on which job site and for how long. Also, we are able to access employee performance and make changes where necessary. ” Kelly Davis, President, Kelco Construction - 109 vehicles in fleet

tioga“We have been using The UTS system for close to 5 months now and we have noticed a huge difference in our day to day operations. We are saving money in the area of overtime and have increased overall efficiencies dramatically. In addition, we have saved money in fuel costs. The system pays for itself and then some.”
Jennifer Duffany, Owner, Tioga Electric

karen"What I like best about the UTS fleet tracking system is that I know where my vehicles and equipment are at all times. It’s very easy to use, I should have done it a long time ago. Given what my return has been so far, the product is a bargain.” Daryl Barkley, Owner, Four Horsemen Trucking

jim phelps"We wish that we would have installed the UTS gps fleet tracking system a long time ago. We tried other fleet tracking systems, but they did not seem to work as well as the UTS System. We did extensive research and testing of the UTS fleet tracking system and it was evident that this was the system that would give us the tracking and monitoring of our fleet vehicles that we were looking for. We monitor driver’s routes and their stops, we dispatch to each job 'on the fly'. We are able to determine which service vehicle is closest to the next job; when they arrive and how long they are there. The mapping capabilities of the UTS fleet system, enables our dispatcher to give directions to the driver from his present position to the job site and follow him the entire route, this saves us time and fuel.  The fleet tracking reports I receive from the UTS are vital to tracking our service personnel. Productivity has increased dramatically. We have also saved in Fuel costs by monitoring the vehicles excessive idle alerts.” Jim Phelps, General Manager, Parrish Tire Company
Winston-Salem, NC

equipment wholesalersWe have UTS GPS fleet tracking system installed in all our vehicles. We use the fleet tracking system to dispatch calls to the closest driver to a job. We also monitor excessive speed and idling saving wear and tear on our vehicles. This in turn reduces our maintenance costs, insurance costs and increases customer satisfaction. John Helzer, Service Manager, Equipment Wholesalers Inc.

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