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FAQ's - Vehicle Fleet Tracking Online

Increased interest in Vehicle Fleet Tracking online technology has presented a myriad of questions.  We have answers for the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) right here.  If you don’t see an answer, please feel free to contact us at (480) 855-8877, or toll free at (877) 279-8877.

Is vehicle fleet tracking online legal?

In most states, if you are the lien holder, you are not required to disclose that a vehicle is equipped with the Electronic Tracking Device.  In California, the LAW-552 and LAW-553 forms dated 1/00 and have been used universally. California contract language is the model for many other states.  Disclosure may be slightly hampered by the “single contract” rule in other consumer-friendly states.

What about that Mel Farr case in Michigan?

The online vehicle fleet tracking device at the heart of that matter times out after a certain period of time, typically around 7 days.  The dealer/lien holder has no control over shut off once the interval is programmed.  Our unit requires explicit commands from the network control center, and then, only the starter is disabled, not the entire car (as was alleged in the Mel Farr matter).  Nobody wants a vehicle to be disabled while it’s traveling down the freeway.

What about privacy?

In 1983, the United States Supreme Court ruled in US vs. Knotts (460 US 276) that  “One has a lesser expectation of privacy in a motor vehicle because its function is transportation, and it seldom serves as one’s residence or as the repository of personal effects.  A car has little capacity for escaping public scrutiny.  It travels public thoroughfares where both its occupants and contents are in plain view”.  As you can see, in the United States, automobile privacy is not an open issue.

Of course, in any legal discussion, common sense dictates that you should check with your own lawyer for opinions and case law relevant to you geography and specific mode of doing business.  If you “own” the vehicle or heavy equipment, it is your right to install a security and online vehicle fleet tracking device in it.

Do I need special software for locating my vehicle equipped with the UTS online vehicle fleet tracking device?

No, just access to the Internet. You should test your Internet connection against our demo page.  There is nothing to download.

What is the coverage area?  Are there areas where vehicle location is impossible?

Even when the vehicle is in areas un-served by a digital carrier, the lowest communication technology we use is digital and a variety of satellites. This means that 98% of the United States is covered.  We also can capably handle the urban areas of Canada and Mexico.  In some areas, a detailed street map in unavailable, for instance if the vehicle is off road and not near a forestry road. In that case, it will show an approximate location, along with the exact latitude and longitude. Since cellular technology can be involved, there are some instances where the reception is less than perfect, but as you are aware, the vehicle soon moves out of those areas. Our online vehicle fleet tracking device will continue to receive and record the location from the satellites and populate that information to our server so it can be viewed by the customer.

How does excessive speed reporting work and how is it programmed?

Excessive speed reporting is programmed by the customer by utilizing the website. Each vehicle can be programmed for different speed thresholds. For example, company’s service vehicles that may be towing a trailer or loaded with equipment may be recommended to stay under 65mph. The sales executive’s vehicles may be set to 75 mph. Once the vehicle is traveling over the set limit for more than 5 seconds, an alert is recorded and sent to our server. The speed violation can be sent to a cell phone via text message and/or an email to notify the fleet manager. It will show the exact time and date of the violation, a latitude and longitude as well as a map showing where the violation occurred.

How does Geo-fencing work and how is it programmed?

Geo-fencing is programmed by the customer by utilizing the website. Each vehicle can be programmed to support different geo-fences or the same one depending on the customers needs. An example being that you would like your vehicles to report when they have left a certain area (the perimeter can be set at any distance).  You would set a map with the perimeters marked out, and the device and server would monitor when a vehicle entered or exited. When that unit leaves the set area an alert will be sent to the history page of that unit to view by you. It can also send a text message and/or email notifying you of the violation. The highlight of this function is that you can turn this function on and off from your inventory at any given time.  For example if a vehicle with a programmed unit installed should need to leave the set perimeter you can go to the unit in your inventory and turn the function off or change the geo fence area.

How long does online vehicle fleet tracking system take to install?

A properly trained technician will require from 30 minutes to an hour per vehicle.  A location request test is strongly advised prior to releasing the vehicle with the device.  Certain vehicles will require more time to securely install the online vehicle fleet tracking devices.  IT CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH THAT PROPER AND SECURE INSTALLATION OF THE UNIT IS VITAL TO THE PROPER OPERATION OF THE DEVICE.   An installation checklist is available upon request.

Is it expensive?

After researching other companies selling products along our lines, we are very competitively priced from our unit cost to our monthly access fees.  We also offer additional features and free locations per month that our competitors do not. UTS also offers a complete and robust online vehicle fleet tracking solution that is included in the monthly monitoring fee. Features such as our Maintenance engine that calculates mileage and engine hour runtime reports for heavy equipment, routing feature, proximity feature which tells you at a glace what vehicle in your fleet is closest to the location you set or type in, company speed reports, excessive idle alerts and a number of detailed reports that can be printed and exported. Also provided are grouping features and custom icons which facilitate viewing all your fleet at once.


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