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Dispatch Link - Garmin & UTS Integration

garminThe missing link to vehicle tracking has arrived! Introducing Dispatch Link from UTS.

Now you can efficiently send Stops from our state-of –the art fleet management applicacation to select Garmin Personal Navigation Devices (PND).

Live status reports:

  • Is the Driver on his way?
  • Is the Driver stopped at the destination?
  • How many stops have been completed?

Message Delivery confirmation:

  • Provides confirmation that driver has received a particular Stop, read the details, or deleted it from list.

garminEstimated Time of Arrival:

  • Dispatcher/office can request the ETA of the current stop/job in progress

Auto-Arrival at Stop:

  • This feature is used to tell the Garmin PND to automatically detect that it has arrived at a Stop and then to prompt the driver if they would like to mark the Stop as done and begin navigating to next Stop on the list.

Data Deletion:

  • Dispatch/office has the ability to wipe clean the data on the Garmin PND
  • Clean up messages in inbox/remove stops for the day


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