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Define Geo-Fences

Geo-fences allow you to set boundaries and be notified via e-mail or text messaging when the mobile asset has entered and/or exited the area. Geo-fences can be as small as a ¼ mile or as large as you wish. You can encompass a city, state or just about any size region for that matter. Geo-fences can be created in 3 ways: the traditional circle, a 10 point polygon or 10 point line allowing for route tracking and route deviation.

geo-fence 3

Find the Closest Person to the Job!

With the proximity feature, you can select a landmark (job site, vendor, etc.) and find out in seconds who the closest driver to that land mark is. Then click the “get directions” button and receive turn by turn directions from the vehicles current position to the landmark. These directions can be e-mailed to PDA, Blackberry’s and a like out in the field! (As seen below)

geo-fence 1

geo-fence 2


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