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Why GPS Fleet Tracking?
Overview of our GPS Fleet System

gps fleet tracking Top Reasons to Use Web-Based
Fleet GPS Tracking Systems

GPS (Global Positioning Systems) are ideal solutions for fleet managers due to the capabilities of the software and hardware.

The following are the top eight reasons to utilize web-based GPS fleet tracking systems:

Reduce fuel costs – Tracking devices installed in the vehicles allow companies to monitor the actual fuel consumption against what is being reported by the employee. You will also avoid additional fuel costs by quickly setting up drivers routes in advance – this includes ability to print turn by turn directions. This will reduce labor costs, fuel costs and can help to add additional jobs due to time saved.

Increase productivity –Since the employees know they are being monitored, this results in a decrease of the vehicle for personal use or side jobs; therefore, a decrease in fuel consumption and labor costs. In addition, your company can find out where a particular vehicle is in relation to a customer, in case they call in and want to know how soon someone will be there. You will know if drivers are making unauthorized stops and if they are arriving for deliveries or pickups later than anticipated.

Improve accountability – Do you suspect any of your employees of inflating their work hours or overtime hours? Do you have customers that are complaining of being over billed? With a GPS fleet tracking system, you can verify durations and work hours which will reduce labor costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Encourage safe driving – GPS fleet tracking technology provides tracking of position, speed and heading which can avoid potential lawsuits caused by unsafe driving! Since employees know that they are being tracked, they will adhere to speed limits.

Track employee performance – Fleet managers and business owners can determine how fast drivers are going, fuel costs, work hours and after hours use of any fleet vehicle. GPS fleet tracking is considered the “virtual time-card” for your employees as it will indicate exact start/end times and actual work and overtime hours.

Theft recovery – Online GPS tracking of your fleet will guarantee the return of your vehicle and avoid the monetary loss, both in vehicle cost and downtime. Instant alerts are available if equipment is moved after hours.

Vehicle maintenance management – Most GPS fleet systems, including the UTS GPS tracking system, include maintenance management to track when the vehicles reach manufacturer suggested mileage points. These GPS fleet tracking systems greatly assist with predictive maintenance as well, because fleet managers are able to see the problem as it develops – this can result in savings of thousands of dollars!

Increase customer satisfaction – Being able to provide exact arrival times, avoiding potential downtime through theft recovery and maintenance management, and increasing overall productivity will greatly impact customer satisfaction.

How does GPS Fleet Tracking Work?

The locator device, or "black box", located inside the vehicle or asset receives signals from GPS satellites to determine its current location. The mapping software displays your asset’s location on your computer screen. The black box then acts as a wireless modem to transmit these inputs through land-based cellular networks. The information is then processed in an operations center. Last, but not least, it is passed on to you via the Internet. The UTS GPS fleet tracking system allows interaction with the system through the web, mobile phones, and telephones.

Whether you have a fleet of 10 or 100, GPS fleet tracking technology alleviates all of the administration nightmares of a typical fleet environment. The increasing popularity is attributed to the benefits of supervision, labor savings, employee efficiency, fuel costs and maintenance management. The ultimate objective? A tremendous impact to your bottom line!

UTS is an enterprise solutions based provider of telemetry and GPS fleet tracking systems and we are dedicated to serving the needs to fleet managers and company owners across the country. Our comprehensive GPS fleet tracking management software is designed to easily assist fleet managers in their day to day activities. The business focuses on the ever profitable mid-level fleet tracking space in the United States, Mexico and Canada. For more information, please contact us.

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