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How much time does the average America worker waste in a day?

The Correct Answer is: C)  2 Hours 5 Minutes

A new survey from America Online (AOL) and found that the average American worker wastes 2 hours and 5 minutes a day, which cumulatively adds up to $759 billion a year in lost productivity.

Example Savings for 20 Drivers

The following is an example of what one company might expect to gain by installing The UTS GPS Fleet Management System on their vehicles.

Monthly Expense Description*
Expense Amount
Expense Savings
Monthly Salary
4.2% or $2,157
Monthly Overtime
10% or $225
Monthly Vehicle Expense
1.5% or $120
Monthly Fuel
10% or $642
Monthly Maintenance
9.5% or $190
Total Monthly Savings

*Expense Assumptions:

  • Monthly Salary - assumes $15.00 / hour @ 40 hrs / week X 20 drivers.
  • Monthly Overtime - assumes 3 hours per driver per week @ $15 X 1.5.
  • Monthly Vehicle Expense - assumes $400 per month per vehicle.
  • Monthly Fuel Expense - assumes $320 per month per vehicle.
  • Monthly Maintenance - assumes $100 per month per vehicle.

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