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About Universal Tracking Solutions

officeUniversal Tracking Solutions develops web-based solutions to help enterprise customers manage their mobile assets. Our solutions are focused on construction, public safety, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, transportation and logistics companies. We assist in helping these organizations become significantly more productive. UTS has operations nationwide and customers in Mexico, Canada and throughout the United States.

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Press Releases

October 14, 2008 - RMJ Technologies/The National Association of Regional Councils/Garmin International/Universal Tracking Solutions Inc. (UTRK.PK) Announce Partnership to Mitigate Fuel Costs and Emissions

May 12, 2008 - Dynamic Natural Resources Inc. Provides Field Update

April 2, 2008 - Dynamic Natural Resources, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Universal Tracking Solutions and Corporate Restructuring.


February 2008 - Keeping Track of Everything with a Fleet GPS System With the assistance of this space-age technology, and UTS, you would be surprised at what you will be able to keep track of.

January 2008 - Are your profits melting away in the moonlight? There are many strategies for defending one’s self against moonlighting becoming an expense burden for the primary company, but one of the most effective is to use GPS tracking of assets. UTS can help you cut those unnecessary expenses.

December 2007 - There Is A Way -- Decrease Fleet Liability While Increasing Safety. GPS tracking by UTS:  because it creates a sense of responsibility, fosters people to improve their own behavior. 

October 2007 - A Space-Age Way to Save Both Time and Money: GPS Fleet Management. Companies employing numerous vehicles as a major part of their services to customers are bombarded with high costs from numerous sources.  More than at any other time, companies need to be more productive; they need to save both money and time.

August 2007 - Fleet GPS Tracking Systems Have the Power to Reduce Your Fuel Expense.The rising cost of fuel seems to be a losing battle for fleet managers to contain costs. North Americans have always had a love affair with their vehicles.  It’s our culture.  It is as old as the first car—maybe older!  Of all the “toys” that we enjoy, the car (or truck) is the most expensive and we don’t really seem to care.  If there is a device or feature that we want, we just simply get it.  We even use them for recreation and, sometimes, just to pass the time.

July 2007 - GPS Technology: The Dispatch Perspective - GPS, or Global Positioning Systems, seems to be a savior for fleet based businesses and government municipalities. The majority of GPS systems provide route finding, vehicle maintenance management, fuel consumption tracking, theft recovery and ability to track hours and overtime, just to name a few.

June 2007 - Improve Employee Performance by 50% with GPS Technology! Managing a fleet, whether it's ten vehicles or 100, can be extremely costly; both in time and expenses! Route supervision, payroll administration, customer service and fleet maintenance are all integral to any fleet based business. And like any well-oiled machine, each part relies on another for optimum output. For example, knowing where your drivers are at all times is crucial for meeting SLA's and being able to accurately track hours and overtime results in decreased expense for you and your customers.

May 2007 - 5 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction with GPS Technology! Managing a fleet of vehicles can drive any business owner or supervisor to the brink! Administrative nightmares include productivity issues with fleet drivers, fleet maintenance, and fuel costs to name a few.

April 2007 - Diesel Engine Idling: A Waste to Your Bottom Line - It is estimated that 1.2 billion gallons of fuel are consumed nationally from diesel engine idling. Based on today’s gas prices, this means almost $4 billion per year in wasted fuel!


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