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Keeping Track of Everything

The challenge is keeping track of it all

Try as we will, it is difficult for any of us to keep track of everything.  The human mind is so busy with what faces it each day that it is nearly impossible to remember and track all of the things that have passed in the minutes and hours before.  On the other hand, the nation’s global positioning satellites were designed to keep track of pretty much anything that moves.  With the assistance of this space-age technology, and UTS, you would be surprised at what you will be able to keep track of. 

New technology and new uses

Some of the best-known uses for the Global Position Satellite (GPS) fleet management system from UTS is to track drivers and fleet vehicle movements as they proceed about their daily duties.  Chief among the benefits are:

  • Increase routing productivity
  • Reduce overtime costs
  • Fuel and maintenance savings
  • Report start and stop activity
  • Report off-territory activity

Locating and Tracking is what UTS does best

Those who employ a GPS fleet management system from UTS are finding many more cost-saving and property-securing applications that help make business more profitable.  A GPS fleet management system from UTS can help you keep track of other valuable assets, too.  The UTS system can provide you with real-time alerts about any piece of equipment on which it is mounted.  For example, when equipment, such as light towers, compressors, excavators, trenchers, bulldozers, and just about any other piece of heavy equipment you can imagine, can be tracked while it is operating or being moved.  If the item is moved outside of pre-set time or location parameters, a real-time alert can be sent to your email or SMS text messaging on your cellular telephone.  Such real-time communication allows for better management of how equipment is utilized.  Those alerts provide information that help you see that the right equipment gets to the right job. 

Tracking large and expensive equipment helps make its use more efficient

On large jobs requiring several pieces of heavy equipment location tracking can help see that the equipment is used efficiently.  Also, you can save employee hours by monitoring engine run-times.  With the UTS maintenance application, it is simple to manage maintenance and rotation of heavy equipment.

If equipment goes missing, knowing the location means quick recovery

Through GPS tracking, it is easy to see how and when your equipment is being used, but have you considered that it is just as easy to locate the equipment if it is moved away or stolen?  Since the GPS fleet management system from UTS makes the location of your equipment visible from space, there is just about nowhere on the planet that your equipment can hide if equipped with the system.  Knowing where to look makes it extremely easy to find and recover equipment, trailers, or vehicles--quickly and easily.

Besides valuable equipment, UTS can help you keep track of precious cargo

UTS fleet management systems can keep track of your precious cargo.  Since the sending unit runs on alkaline batteries lasting up to one year, the system is not dependent on vehicle battery or engine charging that is usually not available in trailers or cargo containers. 

UTS Tracking helps you keep track of insurance premiums, too

The use of GPS tracking systems by UTS will allow you to reduce your insurance premiums, as well.  Since tracking encourages safe driving practices as well as making equipment more readily recoverable if lost, the risk of loss to an insurance company is reduced and you benefit from that directly.

New tracking innovations can keep a track of the really important things in life

UTS has recently introduced a new pager-sized tracking device that can be placed just about anywhere and track just about anything.  This new device operates on a rechargeable battery.  Such portability makes it possible to include an elderly person needing monitoring or even a child—all tracked through the same systems that keep your company more profitable.  As with equipment and vehicle tracking, you can be alerted by email or SMS text when movement outside a pre-determined area is detected.  What is more, this new unit is also equipped with an “SOS” button that uses the system’s real-time alerts capability to forward an urgent alert to your email or SMS text.

No person can keep track of everything, but with the help of a GPS fleet tracking system by UTS anyone can come pretty close to it.  With some imagination, accompanied by the small, battery-powered portable units, the tracking system can keep track of drivers and vehicles, locate equipment and precious cargo, and most importantly keep track of special people, too.  Call us and we can get together to show you the many, many ways you can protect your valuable assets and important people while saving on premiums and operating expenses, as well.

For details on how, call us toll-free at 1-877-279-8877 or contact us online.


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