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A Space-Age Way to Save Both Time and Money: GPS Fleet Management

Not too long ago, if someone said his life was better because he received signals from outer space, he might have been recommended for an evaluation.  Today, it is simply a plain fact of life.  GPS technology--the technology based upon the global positioning satellites orbiting Earth--provides a means for a company to save both time and money.  Companies employing numerous vehicles as a major part of their services to customers are bombarded with high costs from numerous sources.  More than at any other time, companies need to be more productive; they need to save both money and time.

All of us are in business to maximize our potential for making money.

Being in business is about serving customers, saving time and making money.  One of the most costly pieces of time that needs to be saved is overtime.  Some overtime is needless but the trick is in knowing which overtime is needless and which is needed.  If overtime involves driving in fleet vehicles it is even more expensive.  Then, the expense involves the driver, the vehicle, and the fuel.  All three components of fleet overtime operations are expensive and rapidly getting even more expensive. 

GPS fleet management systems by UTS can change the dynamics of that formula.  GPS fleet management systems reduces overtime simply because it is there; employees are more accountable, overall.  That accountability translates to productivity, which not only saves money, but helps us make money.  By fostering an increase in job responsibility, shorter distances get driven, drivers spend less drive time and vehicles receive less road time.  That not only means less fuel burned but also fewer visits for fleet maintenance.  

Even insurance expenses can be reduced!

One other area of savings that doesn’t always readily come to mind is the savings in insurance premiums.  Among the many items that can be tracked through GPS fleet management systems by UTS, are reports on vehicle speed.  Rapid acceleration and deceleration reports advise fleet managers on other wasteful driving habits that increase fuel costs and add wear and tear to vehicles. With vehicle speed and driving habits under observation, speeding no longer becomes an issue; therefore, insurance companies provide policies with lower premiums on vehicles equipped with GPS fleet management systems by UTS.

Making companies profitable means wisely using time.

One cost and time saving activity for any fleet manager is being able to determine where the vehicles are at any time.  This is especially important when a fleet manager needs to know the serviceable vehicle to a specific location.  The tracking system can even download directions for the driver that increases the savings in both fuel and time.  Saving time is another one of the reasons that GPS fleet management systems by UTS makes a lot of sense.  Knowing which vehicle is closest to the next assignment means quicker response with lower overhead costs.  This reduces wasted trips and excessive idle time overall.  Even the management of the GPS fleet management systems saves time since there is no need to bring in and plug in equipment to the host computer in order to replace or update programming—the common method in use today.  With UTS technology, updates and reprogramming can be done “over the air” directly to the device, wherever it is located.

“Time is Money.”  Get better at tracking both with UTS

Just a simple thing like checking idle time on vehicles can provide profitable intelligence on the way the fleet operates.  Anything more than five minutes of idle time is worth an engine shutdown and restart.  This knowledge can help fleet managers and drivers save many, many gallons of fuel every year.  Also, an hour of idle time can equal as much expense as two hours of driving time.  Reducing just that factor can help you reduce lost time in maintenance, fuel stops and idle waste.  Getting a better handle on how to increase productivity is simple with GPS fleet management systems by UTS.  Greater productivity needs not cost any more. For details on how, call us toll-free at 1-877-279-8877 or contact us online.


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