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Personal Asset GPS Tracker

asset trackerDesigned to let you track or find your vehicle, your pet, your package, or that special person.

Are you worried about your assets being lost or stolen?

Now you can attach the new personal asset tracker to that asset and send those worries away. Using the latest location-based services, or LBS, from your CDMA cellular carrier, our asset tracker keeps you in touch with your asset as often as you want. Features of teh AGM-100D include programmable tracking, programmable fencing for theft and instant location finding.

The long battery life on the AGT-100D means that you can track your package from the start to the end of its journey. Attach it to a person and receive alarms on your phone or email should they move outside the safety area.

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The AGT-100D also remembers the location when you last checked. Whether monitoring from your cell phone or your web console, the AGT-100D will connect you to your asset quickly.


  • CDMA 2000 1x RTT (Qualcomm MSM 6050)
  • Backward compatible with IS-95A/B
  • Size: 60mm(L) x 46mm(W) x 20.55 mm(H)
  • 133mAH Li-ion Battery
  • gpsOne
  • Batter level indicator LED, Alarm status LED
  • Long lifetime
  • Remote tracking with WEB server or BREW enabled handset
  • Remote tracking with WEB server
  • Geo Fence support
  • Last known position support (fix once per 5 min)
  • Supported GPS mode (MS-Assisted mode, MS-Based mode, AFLT
  • Fix speed (Open sky situation)
  • MS-Assisted mode: 15-20 sec.
  • Ms-Based mode: 2 sec.
  • AFLT mode: 5 sec.
  • More resistive waterproof and dust than cellular phone.


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